Sunday, November 25, 2018

Congressional Bill to Ban Confiscating Drivers Licenses of Student Loan Defaulters Mired in Congress.

Not sure it helps anybody to deny a basic method of travel, the car, for those who have defaulted on Student Loans. It seems like a violation of the Constitution to restrict a person from earning a wage just because they have defaulted on Student Loan Debt.

Let's hope Congress can pass a bill that would stop the confiscation of Driver's Licenses based on a Student Loan Default. Apparently 20 to 22 States can confiscate either a professional license, a Driver's license, or both, if a Student Loan goes into Default. That just seems to defy the Constitution.

Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren have co-authored the Bill. Considering President Trump has himself benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars of debt forgiveness, hopefully President Trump will support this measure as well.

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