Friday, November 16, 2018

How the Monitoring of Social Media Comments by Insurance groups and the Medical Community Might Backfire.

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If social media medical comments are being monitored by the Medical Industry and valid complaints are being raised within those comments and no effort is made to correct the valid complaints by those who read the comments, then the Medical Industry could be liable for not fixing problems they were made aware of.

Example, a lawsuit is filed about a Nurse who refused to triage a patient who was declining while in the ER bed. Comments are made online about what happened and those comments are used by Insurance firm Defending the ER to try and have the case thrown out.

The plaintiff's attorney would then file a motion to see every comment ever monitored by the Defending Party and their law firm representatives. If comments and complaints were found that would have educated the Hospital on how to improve their service, and the advice was not heeded or put into action, then the plaintiff's attorney could bring these examples to court to prove the Hospital was unwilling to fix problems they were made aware of.

If the Hospital did heed social media comments and complaints and made improvements, that also proves the Hospital previously had laxer standards. I believe Attorneys have never thought of this because to this day Attorneys warn their clients to not say anything in public. Writing TRUTHFUL comments online can be the righteous thing to do because it raises awareness, allows  victims to connect with each other, and creates discussion with the goal of ending reprehensible behavior, and provides much needed education and feedback to the Medical Industry.

Quashing TRUTHFUL discussion on the Internet would allow the Medical Community to keep replicating the same mistakes over and over and then argue they were following policy. As long as the commentary on the Internet is truthful, the commentary cuts both ways, the Medical Industry that monitors online comments and does nothing about it is liable as well.

I believe that most if not all law firms haven't considered attempting to quash a defendant's h truthful comments or complaints opens up those who Monitor the Internet for comments and complaints to release all the comments they have reviewed, and further opens up the Defendant to discuss if they have ever used social media comments to improve their services. No matter how the Defendant answers, it can be seen as a negative. Whereas the way it stands now is, all comments by the victim or the victims family is seen as a negative, this needs to be flipped.

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