Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pro Bono is not working, how about adding Lo Bono?

Pro Bono is an elusive legal service that The Bar loves to promote. Do you have a Pro Bono story to share, please share it in the comments section. My opinion about Pro Bono is it helps those who have been evicted, victims of spousal abuse, wrongfully convicted, and Immigration issues.

The problem I have with Pro Bono and Immigration issues is it is a never ending abyss that once a law firm or free legal aid service is ensnared in, the firm basically shuts out other types of victimizations that are worthy of help.

Maybe it is too foreboding of a task to do pro bono because a law firm can only help one person at a time. Are law firms trying to help the afflicted on a national level?Presently there are many dire situations involving the elderly, their medical rights being trampled upon with no fear of prosecution by the medical industry violators, which just emboldens the medical industry violators who in many instances believe they are above the law. Pro Bono could do more to help families who are losing all access to a special needs family member because of the conservator game and questionable Guardianship tactics that ensue.

If I could wave a magic wand to make something happen, I would like to see a Lo Bono Network established that would offer services at the lowest possible price. We read about the low hanging fruit of Pro Bono that is just not available, but we never hear of Lo Bono services.

Imagine a law firm offering quality internship aid that is overseen by an experienced lawyer for 75 to 100 dollars an hour. Or Expert Testimony that charges a very modest fee by the day rather than an hourly fee that starts from when the expert leaves their home and does not end until the expert returns home.

The next time anybody dangles the concept of Pro Bono be aware that in many cases, especially for the aged and disabled or the blue collar family with a special needs child, it may just be feel good talk. 

Remember to ask yourself, why is Pro Bono even talked about when so little of it is available. Perhaps Pro Bono is a clever method to distract the public from a much more realistic concept, Lo Bono Services.

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