Sunday, July 21, 2019

Reinventing Parole as a way to reduce Homelessness.

A few years back California voters passed a ballot measure that released less violent offenders back into society earlier than their prison sentence dictated. While the obvious appears to have happened, higher homelessness in the Streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere in California, the why should be clearly explained.

Early release prisoners might actually prefer being free and homeless, rather than being locked up in a prison. The result is a new kind of homelessness. A tougher, more defiant homeless population capable of finding cash one way or another while steadfastly remaining on the streets.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, the term Super Predator was meant to imply that one person of a certain age could reign over dozens of others in the same age range, the concern being the Super Predator could dominate and change the culture of many around them in lawlessness type of manner, especially in a school setting.

However, the term Super Predator was misappropriated and the claim was made that it was a racist term. It's ridiculous to imply that targeting one individual so that 3 dozen others of the same ethnicity can have a better chance of success as being racist, especially when the term applies to all races. 

Simple math tells us that if only 3% of any race is being labeled as a super predator, that is actually below the incarceration percentage of virtually any race, the bonus being it provides a better chance for the other 97% to get a quality education and school experience.

So it appears that in the past few years the emergence of Super Prisoner Homeless Predators, those who have been prematurely released back onto the streets with no real future other than to remain free and homeless while using their Prison gained experiences to possibly become a leader among homeless encampments, has become somewhat common.

Going forward, I would suggest that Parole be changed. Instead of a long sentence with the possibility of Parole for "good behavior", or premature release because of over crowding, Parole be based on each inmate searching for a job and a place to stay, while they are still in Prison.

If a Prisoner is facing a 6 year term, after one year so they establish themselves, allow them to start searching for a living and employment situation. If the process takes two more years, then the inmate is still out in 3 years instead of 6, and they have built up some type of relationship with the outside world that gives them a better chance to have more of a life than being homeless and defiant.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Even Illegal wiretaps or videos can become legal if it proves a Lie is being fabricated.

Kudos to the TV show "The Good Fight" for revealing that even an illegal video can become legal if it proves another person's claim about the same event was a lie.

Although a person has to be careful that any "illegal" video they record is not leaked or copied because if the video is released or leaked before a lie about the same situation has been officially recorded, then the person making the video could be legally liable.