Saturday, November 10, 2018

30 Types of Patient Safety Violations that Law Enforcement or the Media won't Investigate.

I've come up with 30 various forms of Patient Safety and Fairness Issues and If I sleep on it I might come up with a few more. But as I look at the list, mistakes are going to happen. My concern is the line seems to be blurred when it comes to medical errors. 

Some mistakes on the list are relatively minor errors, some can cause death. But it seems no matter what goes wrong, it's as the medical mistake will be denied. Learning to always deny can then accelerate the instances in which blatantly illegal actions occur increase because the ER personnel know they are above the law, and above law enforcement investigations.

I'm not advocating that we start putting medical people in jail in record numbers. I am advocating that when they lower their ethical standards and then hide what they have done, they need to be investigated. Donald Trump wants a Space Force. I am suggesting we also should have a Medical Police Force who help keep Hospitals running at a certain standard. Heck, A Medical Police Force might not even have to carry a gun. If an ER is intentionally denying treatment to a patient in decline, wouldn't you want a big red button in each ER room that a patient or their rep could press and have the Medical Police intercede? Examples of Medical Mistakes that won't necessarily raise an alarm or a red flag.

Wrong Diagnosis
Wrong Prescription
Wrong Prescription Combination
Lack of Geriatric Doctors for Medicare Plans
Surgical Mistakes
Dental Mistakes
EMTALA Violation
Refusal to Document Stated Symptoms
Denial of Access to Love One
Guardianship Abuse

Doctor Won't Listen
Doctor was Condescending
Law Enforcement won't Investigate a Medical Crime
False Accusations by ER Staff
False Accusations by Hospital
Destruction of Evidence by Medical Staff
HIPAA Violation Accusation by Med Staff against Patient Rep.
Elder Abuse by Med Staff that isn't Investigated by Police.
Denial of Patient Symptoms by Medical Staff or Doctor
False Imprisonment in an ER, Hospital, or other location.

Medicare Fraud by ER, Hospital, or Healthcare Plan
Denial of Service when patient is not stable.
One size fits all Malpractice Insurance
Malpractice Insurance rarely accepts liability
Lack of Attorneys to take Viable Medical Cases.
Attorneys with Insurance Ties posing as Patient Advocates.
Lack of Journalistic Interest until a legal filing is made.
Lack of Free Legal Aid or Pro Bono for Medical Victims.
Lack of Low Bono Attorneys who work for cost only.
Lack of Low Cost or No Cost Expert Witnesses.

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