Friday, February 7, 2020

Proof Positive why Medical Police need to exist all over the World.

The Police and the E.R. have an unspoken bond of the highest order. A Police Officer's second line of defense when they are harmed by a law breaking individual, is the E.R. 

An E.R. or Hospital will be the number one place where officers solemnly and hopefully gather when one of their own has been shot or severely injured.

So when a small percentage of police officers, and I have no idea what that percentage is, it most likely could be under 1% of the police force, are deviants and sadists who can't control themselves and are inebriated with delight whenever they can harm anyone who they find disgusting, or weaker than themselves, we should ponder what could make this situation better.

The above video is possibly one of the most gut punching videos one can imagine as it claims the former Police Officer turned child abuser was REPEATEDLY protected after multiple reports of his sadistic actions against his own eight year old child.

Please Watch the video TWICE to make sure the vileness and torture pass the Police Officer was given remains somewhere in your memory.

Then ask yourself this, why don't we have a autonomous, Medical Police Unit in EVERY Police Department in the country that works INDEPENDENTLY of the Police Department. 

The Medical Police would operate out of Hospitals and ER and could be called by any patient in an ER or Hospital.  This isn't complicated, but it is necessary.

And it's not just the under 1% of the Police Force that could be problematic, what about the occasional demented Nurse that probably has been abused themselves or works in abusive condition relieving their tension by pretending people are not sick, when they are actually dying?

Why can't a patient, or a patient rep be able to hit a big red button on the wall of the room the patient is in if they feel they are being gaslighted? Why can't there a true third party to mediate the situation?

Watch again.

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