Sunday, January 6, 2019

Law Firms need to identify if they are P for Plaintiff, or D for Defendant on their online Websites.

Victims of Medical Injustices, such as Mistreatment of Patients that resulting from not listening to the Patient, or creating multiple, overlapping procedures for billing purposes, or simply ignoring a patients urgent need for assistance; should all be able to at the very least look up an Attorney online and ask for guidance.
The problem is the most visible attorneys are the ones who have Insurance companies for clients, and they don't necessarily identify themselves as being for the defendant. We will never know how many times a Medical Patient searching for a Plantiff Attorney mistakenly ended up contacting a Law Firm that actually works for the Medical Industry as a Defense Attorney.

Would it be such a terrible thing if ALL law firms identified themselves as either being P, a a Law Firm that represents Plaintiffs, or D, an Attorney that handles Defendants? If a law firm does both, then let them put both down and perhaps even reveal what percentage of the time they are a P, and what percentage of the time they are a D.

While we are at it, would it be so terrible if a Law Firm revealed if they work with Consumers, or with Businesses?

There might be some confusion, for instance, a Doctor who sues someone for slander might require that a law firm that normally does Defendant work now will be doing Plaintiff's work. But this is not a deal breaker either. The foundational values of a law firm are either Plantiff or Defendant, and either Big business or Consumer. Those values need to be CLEARLY outlined so the unsuspecting don't mistakenly get advice from the wolf in sheep's clothing.

A P, or D, label for ALL law firms is an idea that is so long overdue and I doubt anyone is advocating that such a simplistic idea be implemented. Just one more way our allegedly finest fool our populace.

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