Saturday, March 16, 2019

College Bribery Confirm's FBI and Federal Government Pitting Celebrities against all others.

According to News Reports, the FBI conducted a 10 year College Bribery Investigation. When it became painfully obvious early on to the FBI that the Very Rich were willing to pay to get their kids into certain prestigious Colleges, The FBI road the coat tails of a 10 year investigation rather than offer some type of guidance to colleges going forward.

Why wasn't the desire of Wealthy Parents trying to get their kids into a certain college fulfilled in the most common sense and easily legal method available, and a method that would have not run up a 10 year FBI tab at Taxpayer's expense?

The Media has created a "woe is me" meme among non celebrities while we all conveniently forget that each college already had wealthy benefactors whose donations make scholarships and other discounts available to those who cannot afford the full tuition price but may have good enough grades to be accepted.

Did anyone offer Lori Loughlin a "Pay to Play" opportunity in which she could pay 1/2 million dollars directly to USC so her daughter could also then attend while paying an additional full tuition price?

The real question that nobody seems willing to ponder, how many Students would a Wealthy person need to anonymously sponsor so their own Daughter or Son can be enrolled at the same College or University?

If Lori Loughlin had donated 500,000 or 1 million dollars to USC for the privilege of allowing her own daughter to get in at full tuition price, why not allow her that option? 

Perhaps the tables might be turned and we might have colleges purposely not accepting applicants from wealthy families in the hopes they pay to play? Now THAT would be a real scandal and the kind the FBI should be investigating.

What if a wealthy parent is willing to pay the tuition for a certain number of other kids just so their own kid can get into the same College or University?
Maybe USC could pay forward a wealthy donation and use, as an example, a Loughlin donation to help fund 20 students at a fine Midwestern school. Would that be so terrible?

It's ironic that we are creating a world where countries can trade their pollution credits, but we won't allow colleges to help each other out by allowing one student in if it means 10 or 20 others can get a scholarship.

There is a distinction with a differnt to the entire College Bribery Scandal that continues to go undetected. Let's separate the Parents who WANTED to "pay to play" with the College or University if it were allowed, from those who truly wanted to sneak a Daughter or Son in by any illegal means possible at below tuition price, since that causes donations made by College Benefactors to be used by the undeserving.

The distinction between the Wealthy Parent who wanted to pay to play, versus those who wanted to sneak their child in through bribery has not been the topic of discussion, and that is the real scandal.

Until Pay to Play, or Pay to Enroll becomes an option, we as a society are basically putting fuel on the 1.5 trillion dollar Student Debt Problem.