Monday, January 11, 2010

Dumb Attorney Wanted in the Los Angeles Area.

I had no idea I was such an ignorant person, but several anonymous JD's forum posters have basically said such. When I was in high school a long while ago, I scored the second highest score in the social studies aspect of the ACT TEST for my entire high school class of over 600.

I find it fascinating that the one area that I probably excel in most scholastically that relates to social interaction also results in my being labeled a dumb dumb when it comes to "the law". Anyways, since I am a dumb dumb, I need to find a dumb attorney.

The qualifications for being a dumb attorney include caring less about the monetary value of the case and moreso about the possibility of setting not one, but two precedents, both of which will help protect the elderly and more fairly represent them when they are involved in automobile accidents.

The case does not need overly complex research. It just needs to be argued in front of a jury and a good result should happen. I am running out of time however. The insurance company can be made to look foolish in court, and have already more than doubled their original offer, yet I am still having difficulty finding a dumb lawyer to work with a dumb dumb such as myself.

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