Monday, December 28, 2009

APPLE, Canon Cameras, and Costco may be conspiring to sell cameras that just don't work properly.

There are several winnable lawsuits just waiting for the right lawyer. If I were a lawyer just starting out and had the ability to take a case on, rather than wait to be hired by a law firm, I would give serious consideration to taking on a corporate giant if their actions are obviously damaging the public at large. Below is such a case.

Apple, Canon, and Costco have all conspired to sell Canon cameras that disables the Canon Software package on the Macintosh Snow Leopard platform, even though the packaging on Canon cameras specifically states their their camera works on a Mac.

Technically, the canon cameras will work with I-photo, but one can't effectively use the canon proprietary software that comes with the canon camera. The Canon software is actually very useful, easy to learn, and fast.

It's been four months since Snow Leopard was released and every day anyone who upgrades to Snow Leopard and has a canon powershot camera has instantly been locked out of using the Canon Software. Meanwhile, Apple, Canon and Costco remain silent over the matter. Apple actually released Snow Leopard ahead of schedule knowing it would not work properly with Canon Cameras.

By releasing Snow Leopard a week early Apple gained status because they beat the delivery deadline. It is kind of like the wedding cake being delivered without the frosting and the cake maker then bragging they got to the event half an hour earlier than expected. Apple stands to gain by not making their Snow Leopard platform downwardly compatible as it forces consumers to buy into the Apple method of uploading photos.

Has Apple offered any of their technicians to Canon to make sure Canon cameras will upload properly onto a Snow Leopard operating system? Is Canon working diligently to solve this now 4 month old problem? Why is Costco selling Canon product that they KNOW is deficient? If Canon releases updated software to alleviate the problem four months after the problem first existed, does that erase the damage that has already been done to canon powershot users who use snow leopard?

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