Saturday, August 24, 2019

Quora Goes Insane if you use more than one Capital letter when asking a Question.

Quora goes Insane when asking a question with more than one Capital letter in the Headline, as evidenced by the Image Below.  However, why not just state that in the explanation?

The Phrase, was marked as needing improvement, was added to each one of my six questions below. Quora is out of control as it allows too many people to control other people's questions. 

So someone with an axe to grind, perhaps somebody upset with a response to a prior question, can simply mark a question as needing improvement, and then do the same to every question posted by that same person.

How can I post over 500 reasonable answers to other people's questions, but then be hit with SIX CONSECUTIVE "Was Marked as Needing Improvement" to questions I Pose for others to answer? 

I read other questions that have obvious grammatical errors with no "Was Marked as Needing Improvement" message next to them. Does Quora have free reign Stalkers they can do nothing about?
Quora Goes Insane, Labeling my most six rsecent questions as all needing improvement.

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